Summer’s End Activities

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for yesterday’s Youth Group and mini Bible Camp activities followed by Family Night. We gathered at 4:00 and people lingered around the campfire until past 8:00; it was so nice to be outdoors!

One of the first things we did was to welcome Cody, who moved to town with his family earlier this summer, to the group. Cody helped to get the afternoon off to a great start by bringing frisbees to play with.

A big thank-you to Ben Wolfe for organizing the Bible Camp. We recreated a first century house church after we created a time line puzzle by filling it with pieces  containing the names biblical characters that we found on the hidden around the playground. Just as we had given up on finding the “Rebekah” piece, Isabella spotted it as she was leaving the playground for the evening!

Thank you also to Dawna Neron for notifying families of the event, Kathi Terami for providing healthy snacks and Elaine Howe for bringing beverages.

We’re looking forward to another outdoor activity in October sometime before Halloween.